14 reasons not to become a blogger..what WordPress doesn’t tell you..

Nov 19, 2012 by

1.) You have to learn blogging etiquette. (ie; read other people’s blogs just because they read yours, leave nice messages, even become a follower of fellow bloggers..)

2.) You have difficulties living real life moments because you are already thinking about posting it on your blog. (ie: see Facebook for reference)

3.)You may become addicted to tracking your statistics, doing it even on the days you don’t write.

4) Just when you feel like you’ve written something worth while WordPress starts putting ad’s under your blog like “how to become more intelligent” “ways to save your brain” for the whole world to see while they read what you just wrote.

5.) When people you know start following your blog you can no longer write bad things about them.

6.) When your husband finds out you are writing a blog you can no longer write bad things about him either.

7.) Even if you don’t write bad things about anyone some psychopath will sooner or later write you an anonymous nasty email basically saying that you are a wanker.

8.) This anonymous email might be from your husband.

9.) No matter how great of a writer you think you are very few of us actually have the talent and writing skills it takes to write something every single day of your life, rain or shine. (professional writers, and super humans apart)

10.) When you are not able to do the above, you may fall into a sort of blogger’s depression.

11.) Blogger’s Depression when at it’s worst may cause bloggers denial – the denial that you actually have a blog.

12.)When you don’t feel like writing people starting nagging you and saying stuff like ‘when are you going to start writing again?’ even though it’s only been like 2 weeks or something.

13.) This in turn may cause bloggers block. When you turn on your computer and nothing comes to your mind so you resort to re-blogging of other people’s stuff, or posting photographs, even though you are not a photographer.

14.) Instead of writing something worthwhile you write something like 14 reasons not to become a blogger..desperately hoping you get your ‘ways to save your brain’ ad. back.

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  1. emma

    hey, why 14 reasons and not, I. dunno 15??? 🙂

    • Dear Emma, that is a good point and I can’t say I didn’t think of it..but I only found 14 reasons. really. so that’s what I wrote. 14. I will try to think of another reason so I can make it 15, I don’t want to have unhappy followers;-):-)

  2. revitalization

    interesting post, I can definitely relate to some of those points!

  3. Jean Rogers

    LOL! Thanks for the laugh this morning Cassidy 🙂

  4. Not bad at all……I already suspected what you said . Shall I start my blog after these preliminary remarks? Ho paura!

    • Trust me I know!! Starting a blog is scary. What if no one reads it? What if a lot of people read it? What if I get writer’s block?
      However, contrary to my typically me being me post – I would advise anyone who truly enjoys writing to start a blog! Today. Right now. Why not? If I can do it, anyone can. (My blog is what I like to think of as blogging light;-) p.s. there is a great site called becomeablogger.com, that is very helpful!
      send me an email when your on and I’d be happy to read!

      • Thank you,Grace!
        I started my blog a week ago and I’d be very ,very happy if you dropped by……
        Actually it’s written in Italian, but no problem for you,I guess!

        Mi piace come scrivi, la tua acutezza e spirito di osservazione.
        Mi diverte moltissimo vedere attraverso te,le debolezze dei miei connazionali e le loro caratteristiche……Ho vissuto all’estero per un po’ di anni,e condivido le tue idee!

        Allora grazie per il mio blog. E grazie per i consigli.
        Io, sono una “elder”………

  5. Monique gross

    You are a Great writer, and have a talent for making situations in life Light and humorous. BTW You have my permission to write about me:) just so long as its , ego boosting, and you use a fake name.

  6. Ha ha very true!!! I am a massive fail as a blogger in many of your points – number 1 in particular! My working life is too hectic for me to dedicate much time to blogging let alone doing the reciprocal thing!!

    • I know right, here I am after like a week responding to such nice comments while my children are probably drowning in the tub. (and this is more likely because their father is watching them!) I love to write honestly I do, I guess that’s the most important thing. Great blog by the way!!!!!

  7. LOL, never checked your blog out before but I get alerts for anyone who says “Become A Blogger” on their blog via email. So, of course, when I saw your title “14 reasons not to become a blogger”, I was tempted and ended up reading it.

    Thanks for the laugh. I especially loved #6. I almost died laughing, lol. Wishing you all the best!

    • Thanks Leslie, I should of checked out your site before I got started! Too late now, I’m already lone gone down the blogging road to doing whatever makes me laugh!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. This post is both true and very funny. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ciao,

    I love this post it is very funny and true.
    There are 2 reasons that I darn’t write bad things about Mrs Sensible. 1) She would kill me (She is Sicilian). 2) The handful of people who read my blog would start sending me hate mail, she has a bigger following than I could possibly generate.

    Keep blogging and get well soon.

    Pecora Nera & Mrs Sensible

    • italywithgrace

      Dear Blacky,
      I think I would get along quite well with Mrs.Sensible..you can tell her she has another follower.
      Thank you for the get well wishes, I am getting better day by day and the good news is apparently I will become a better person after all of this…

  10. TJ

    I could add a few more to that! Hell I recently went back and read my old ones. a year ago I wrote on it… what happened in between? Life I guess… I read yours regulary.. Think I should start up again? Maybe it will help my mental mind??? HAHAHA who am I kiding! its me I’m always mental! My thoughts and love with you my friend 🙂

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