Love and Gratitude

Dec 13, 2013 by

Happy daysThe one thing that continues to amaze me is the constant affection and support I receive from all of those around me. It has been nearly 4 months since my aneurism, and yet I continue to be showered with love. My husband who is my rock, unwavering in his positive attitude that I will fully recover. My close friend Sofie who has been a never-ending constant positive light in my life. Who held my hand yet again yesterday – during exams changing shifts with my husband. She is like a sister to me and a mother to my children often taking time from her own children to help.

All my friends have been fantastic, each in their own way – many have chosen a day to drive me to and from my physical therapy so I don’t have to take a taxi. Many, who are also moms at my school, continue to help me with rides for my children and have done so every day since the beginning of September. The bilingual school of my children in Milan, who has helped me in every possible way and shown the same support and compassion that every parent would like to teach their child.*

Even the people in my neighborhood with whom I have only ever exchanged brief words show such an incredible warmth and affection it still moves me each and every time. I have had my head kissed while having an espresso in the coffee shop downstairs from my house, my cheeks caressed and my hands held tightly – engulfed in the warmth of others. Often I am embraced while walking with my cane near my house, (which is always a bit scary as I don’t have a great deal of balance) and I have seen more than just one person who is so touched by what has happened they cannot hide their tear filled eyes.

Give love, receive love.

I feel so grateful for all of this and it generates such an incredible energy inside of me, that I cannot help but start my days with a smile, knowing how lucky I am, and knowing that I will recover from this.

Love and gratitude will take you far.

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  1. Sandy

    So pleased to see you and your children smiling. You are always in our prayers. Wishing you a blessed and merry Christmas from a very, very cold Norton, Ohio . Your December suggestions are perfect.

  2. Monique gross

    You are beautiful

  3. Marla Grace

    Your story is a true inspiration. It brings tears to my eyes. Your close friend Sofie I have known for many years. We both met while I was living in Milan. God has truly blessed you with an amazing, loving and caring friend. To know that you have each other warms my heart and I will be praying for you and your family. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing how God uses you to inspire all those around you. May God bless you, your loving supportive husband and children. May your Christmas be a merry one.

  4. Me

    Sweetie, it is an honour to be by your side everyday!!
    And hey… That’s what friendship is for!!!
    I love you soooo much and yes we are sisters!!! Even the nurses think so (-;
    Big kiss, me…

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