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On August 25th I lost almost all the movement on the left side of my body. I could not move my arm, my leg, or even sit up straight without toppling over. I have made progress. Especially since arriving here ( the Rehabilitation Clinic) just 18 days ago. I am still a long way from where I want to be, but I am definitely more confident.
I may pass days and days working on one muscle group feeling I have hit a plateau, when suddenly I am rewarded by a movement that becomes easier or more fluid. My body, like a puzzle, requiring several pieces, carefully put together before the final picture is clear. I concentrate and work as hard as I can, as does Maurizio, my physiotherapist. Whether it is pushing me to do an excercise correctly, or helping me to understand my own limits. We work everyday, twice a day, except weekends.(Don’t ask it’s a touchy subject.) Slowly, slowly the pieces are starting to come together. I have regained use of my left arm, as well as most of the muscles in my upper body, making it possible to sit up straight. I can now eat by myself, cut my food, and open bottles by myself. In the mean time I am also learning to have more patience with myself..this perhaps, is what will help me the most in the upcoming months.


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  1. Marco

    Ciao, direi splendida come sempre….kisses from Marta&Paola&Marco.

  2. Jean Rogers

    Still beautiful as ever 🙂 Love to see your smiling face! Keeping you in my prayers every day <3

  3. Sandy

    Prayers and patience play a large part of my life before and now retiring after 37 years of teaching.
    So pleased to see you smiling. God bless you.

  4. manu

    Cassidy, you look great smiling, I feel and see the real happiness in your fabulous writing and on the beautiful picture.
    I follow you every day and am sooo glad that it is getting better every minute. You’re so strong and positive. Keep on going and my thoughts are with you. (If you want some more jam, let me know, I let it get to you). Big kisses

  5. Laurence

    Dear Cassidy, I’m so glad to be able to speak to you through this blog. I think about you since that Sunday in August when you sent me a message in the morning and same evening …. Now I can follow your recovery.This picture of you reassures me, you’re beautifulI ! I know you had to go through very difficult times and I applaud your courage and determination. Continue, be patient and positive, and with the support of all those who love you the things will improve little by little. Lots of hugs and kisses. Laurence

  6. Silvia

    sei splendida come sempre e il tuo sorriso dice molto più di mille parole!! Continua così, sei un esempio per tutti noi!!

    • italywithgrace

      Grazie Silvia! Ho tanti motivi per sorridere, mi sento bene dentro e pianpianino mi riprenderó. Un grande abbraccio.

  7. Hi! I am thinking about you daily, you are in my prayers as well!!!!!
    I am so happy with all your progress, I feel confident that you will
    be home soon and with your “patients” and hard work you will
    be up and running! : ) I know you, you can do it!!!!! : )
    I want so much to call and talk to you and I am always afraid
    it’s the wrong moment. Later on today I will just try if you are busy
    just don’t answer.
    I am sending you all my love and good energy, Laura

    • italywithgrace

      Hi Laura, thank you. I’m better everyday, and finally I can see some light at the end of this tunnel!! Big hug and kiss to you and your beautiful family!

  8. antonella e giorgio

    è bello vedere come giorno dopo giorno stai guadagnando fiducia, forza e capacità.
    Davvero tanti complimenti per il tuo spirito combattivo…
    Un forte abbraccio,
    Antonella e Giorgio

    • italywithgrace

      Grazie Antonella! Cerco di essere positiva, so che sono stata fortunata per tanti motivi. Ora cerco di concentrarmi ed avere finalemente vedo una luce alle fine di questa tunnel. Un grande abbraccio a te e Giorgio.

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