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Monday evening I am told I will be going up to the “B” floor. That I will need to prepare my bags, there is Me a month before operationanother patient coming.  It has been 2 weeks that I have been here with my older group of friends. I am just starting to feel at home and now it’s time to go.

The following day as the hospital assistants come to get my bags, my roommate Emelda (who is 80) tells me she is sorry to see me go. I tell her that I will miss her too., and it’s true.. every night I close the little curtain between us and every morning I rip it open and shout “buongiorno Emelda!!”  while she laughs. I tease and joke with her most of the day, telling her to exercise her hand and arm every moment of the day when the physiotherapists don’t. I tell her not to worry about not talking so well, she probably talked too much anyway. I tell her she will get better to try hard and not lose her patience..she laughs and touches my arm affectionately. I make a mental note to come and visit her.

I will also miss Adriano. We have become quite intimate since the day he sneezed his coffee on my tray..but it was the day he told me I was a “hotty” I knew we had a special feeling.

I will miss them all, but now I am meant to move. To move on..

To see what else is in store for I continue this journey of mine,

healing, recovering, learning about people, love and life’s wonders..



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  1. Sandy

    Hooray! One step at a time leads to miles to run. We all know that’s your journey awaiting.

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