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June 5th 2014-

I have been in Villa Beretta for 25 days. Tomorrow I will go home. The operation I had on my left foot was a success, I can now lift my left foot off the ground. My leg no longer swings out from my hip as though trying to avoid an obstacle in it’s way, but lifts directly off the floor bending at the knee then in slow motion. Very slow motion. My ankle pulls my toes up and away from the ground, making it possible to walk.

My friend Matteo

My friend Matteo

My brain has yet to trust my weakened limb, preferring to favor the right- but in time this too will change. At the moment, I still look like I am drunk when I walk, but then, a drunk walk is better than no walk.

These past few weeks I have met and made many new friends. People of all ages, all with different backgrounds, different stories to tell. All of us brought together having met a fate that does not seem to belong to us.

I have learned so much from each and everyone of these individuals that I now know that this was also to be part of my travels on my long journey to recovery.

Day after day, I see the courage and strength in each and everyone of them. A strength that comes from wanting to excel and not just survive what happened. They have helped me to understand that we are capable of supporting the most tragic of events if only we learn to look deep inside ourselves, at who we really are and who we really want to be. Only then, we can find the strength.

They have helped me to understand that if we could only learn to search for the positive within every single discouraging moment, we could overcome even the most difficult of events.

My last few weeks in the hospital are spent laughing and getting to know each of them. Getting to know myself. Reflecting on my life. On my basic values, and what they mean to me..

I am happy to go home, but I also feel a heaviness in my heart leaving Villa Beretta.

I am sorry to leave my new found friends, afraid we will lose contact… But I am content to know that most of us will never give up in our battle for a full recovery.

I know deep in my heart that my time had come to take a moment, to stop, to reset.

A lifestop to open my eyes.

They are open now, I am ready to go ahead.

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  1. stefano

    your strengh and commitment to get better are a true example !

  2. Sandy

    Bravo! Continued successes and blessings. Keep smiling.

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