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I am watching the man in front of me as he gets out of his car. The first thing I notice is that he is a very big man. Tall, with dark hair and dark sunglasses- he does not look very happy, actually he looks very irritated as he carefully examines the back of his car. But then, I would not be very happy either if I was him. I just slammed into the back of his car.

I do not move., also because I don’t really have a choice. To get in and out of my car takes an enormous amount of effort plus I would have to open my car door so wide it would go onto the other lane of oncoming cars – just to get my left foot out.

I am looking at Big man as he approaches my small car. My face says I’m sorry, and really I want to roll down my window and tell him I am sorry except my window will not roll down. I turned off my car after hitting the back of his. I turn my car back on, his eyes grow wide. I put my hands up front of me, as if to say ‘don’t worry Big Man!’

Finally, I am able to roll down my window. “I am so sorry!” I splurt out in English,  then I say more calmly in Italian “perdonami..” which is not correct either as usually you don’t slam into the back of someones car and say “pardon me sir”.

Big man has softened his expression and is now looking at me amused. He asks me if I am okay. I think about this for a moment and If it weren’t for my handicap pass sitting in the front window maybe I could roll out of the car and start screaming “my leg!! my leg!!”

Instead I tell him I am okay. He smiles a very friendly smile. Big man tells me he is worried my little car is losing water, he wants to show me where. (sure buddy..) He asks me if I would I like to get out of my car and have a look, and really I would, but to pull all 1.77  of me out of the car with the risk that my left foot got stuck somewhere in between my door and the car, sending me hurling to the ground only to get run over by the on coming cars in the other lane keeps me glued to my seat.

Not to mention, that I am a bit shaken up.

This is actually my second accident in 2 days. Which I was going to tell my husband about, but as I’m sure he reads my blog,..I can tell him now. Dear husband, the other day when I went for my check up at the hospital I backed your car into something called a panettone. (which means cake in Italian but is actually a cement stump that the Italians put near where you need to park your car to mess with you a bit- knowing that sooner or later one will destroy your car.)

2 accidents in 2 days. More than I have had in the past 10 years.

I tell Big Man I have difficulties getting out of my car, that I will have my car looked at when I get home. He asks me again if I’m sure I’m okay. Embarrassed, I reassure him I am.

What is wrong with me, I ask myself. I tell my friend M.V. who can not stop laughing. Very funny I tell him. One girlfriend tells me, ‘listen I love you, but I’m not getting in the car with you in this period.’

and actually I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t get in the car with me either.

In my car, I carefully check my seatbelt, turn off my phone and put it in my bag and put it in the back seat.

A distraction free environment.

It is only when I am at the next stop light I remember I have to call the bank before 3pm..





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  2. Manu

    With your beautiful smile and your wonderful eyes, everyone can only be nice and smiling at you!. Keep going but try without little accidents 😉 ( would be better for the cars). Xxx

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