On this beautiful autumn day

Oct 1, 2014 by

October 1st, 2014Rainy days in Milan

It has been 1 year, 1 month and 6 days, since I had my aneurism.

The most difficult period of my life, emotionally and physically. (ie see; Pyschologist )

In a fraction of a second I went from perfect health and bionic status to paralysis on the entire left side of my body. (also known as hemiparesis)

I have moved forwards, backwards and hit rock bottom during my recovery.. but somehow, in someway I have always managed to pick myself back up.

I have spent months in different hospitals and told by a man I considered an exceptional Doctor,  that I would not walk again.

Agonizing, excruciating, unforgiving and never-ending pain, cramps, and surgeries.

All from which, I have recovered.

I have been cancelled from my insurance company for the risk that I now pose to them.

I have had to leave my job as traveling would now be impossible.

I have been forced to change the beloved school of my children, to a school that was easier for me to physically get to.

I have cried myself to the point of convincing myself that if I paid someone to cry to, I might feel better,..

I have been in 7 hospitals and had 4 surgeries.

The last one just 7 days ago, once again on my left foot.

I have exited from my social life (this is a lie, but I’m on a roll)

and probably the worst thing of all,

(and this is true and probably really and truly the most serious of all..)

I have not worn a pair of shoes for 13 months, other than sneakers.

Yet I have never felt so lucid.

My journey is still long, but I am faithful in knowing that I will continue to get better.

My family and friends continue to be an incredible support and the unwavering kindness I find in every single person I meet on a daily basis continues to inspire me.

And for those few who told me what I could or could not do, cancelled or abandoned me,..

I now understand that they too were meant to be part of this journey…

So after much reflection I would like to tell them on this beautiful autumn day,

I’m glad you were part of this journey.

Now if you don’t mind..

Fuck Off.




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  1. Celia

    Now that’s the spirit. You are such a fighter and your beautiful soul is guiding you just where you need to be. There are many people cheering you on for the states. I know at least 100 of us would be there if we could. Thank you for inspiring me everyday. Xoxo

  2. Sandy

    Oh,so happy to read today’s post after your last. I didn’t know what to write. I am sooo pleased that you have a positive strength,a positive mind,and a positive soul. You go girl!!!Blessings to you and your family. Continuing prayers your way from Ohio.

  3. antonella

    Un anno e sei mesi di lungo calvario, sofferenze ed emozioni fortissime che con
    grande coraggio hai voluto condividere sul tuo blog… “lezioni di vita”
    Un grande abbraccio,
    Antonella e Giorgio

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